SDBF Update

Dear Team Managers,

Please retrieve excel of our latest records from the event page
Please feedback by Tuesday 12th June 2012 if there are any discrepancies or errors.
If we don’t hear from you, we will assume that all is well and will expect your participation to be as such.

Submission of Form F2:
The following teams are required to submit / resubmit their Form F2.
Form F2 can be obtained from the SDBA website, SDBF 2012 Events page.
DSO National Laboratories

Submission of Form F3:
If you have not done so, please submit your Form F3 latest by this Wednesday 12th June, 1200hrs.
If we do not receive your Form F3 by the deadline, you will be disqualified from participating.

Amendments to Team/Crew List:
Amendments can now only be made on Race Day at $20 per pax.
Please go to Race Scretariat to make the amendments.
Refer to the Entry Rules regarding this process

Team Tents:
We confirm that team-tents will be provided for the following teams (who had indicated their intention to purchase them):-
Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific
Hewlett Packard
Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Inter Corporate DB12 Women
There are only 2 participating teams, so the organizers intend to cancel this racing category.
We are extending the deadline for this racing category to next Saturday 16th June 2012.
The decision to run or cancel this category will be defered to next Saturday.
The affected teams (ExxonMobil and OCBC) – please stay tuned.

No of Pax
The following teams are required to re-confirm the no of pax for ID Tags.

  • ExxonMobil Tiger Lillies
  • ITE
  • Mountbatten CSC
  • Na.yang Polytechnic
  • NTU
  • NUS
  • SP
  • Temasek Polytechnic

Calculation Error

  • NTTS Dragon Team
    • You have made an error in the claculation of fees.
    • Please contact the organizers direct and we will quide you through the process.
  • Republic Polytechnic
    • e09

    • Please add the costs for the Tertiary events and re-submit the Form F2.

Please be informed that the POLITE-Council has decided to include the POLITE racing categories (DB22 Open & Mix ; DB12 Women) into the SDBF 2012. All the POLITE races will now be run on Sunday 1st July 2012. Please contact the POLITE COuncil to confirm your participation.

Race Director,
SDBF 2012

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