Clarification on Non-motorised Vessel Permit Application:

All SDBA Affiliates and Dragon Boat Teams:

1. Since 2004, PUB has opened up most of its reservoirs for recreational activities such as kayaking, canoeing, rowing, sailing and dragon-boating. This has enabled many people to get closer to water and encouraged stronger community ownership of our waters.

2. At the same time, public safety is still a key priority. Since 2006, as interest in water activities increased, PUB introduced a requirement for National Sports Associations (NSAs), water activity operators and event organisers who operate in reservoirs to be covered by Public Liability (PL) insurance. The insurance is meant to protect the interest of these groups as it will help to absorb their liabilities in case of any accident in the water.

3. SDBA’s activities are covered under PL Insurance. However, SDBA’s PL insurance cover does not include its affiliates. While the Public Liability Insurance is not mandatory for PUB’s non-motorised vessel permit application, PUB strongly encourages all SDBA affiliates and Dragon Boat Teams to purchase the Public Liability insurance as a protection against legal and medical costs that may arise from an incident caused by your water activities.

4. All non-motorised vessel permit (NMVP) applications are to be submitted to PUB for processing through SDBA. For all NMVP applications, SDBA will endorse on the affiliates’ Risk Assessment, Safety and Emergency Response Plan for their activities in the reservoirs, which are required for the permit application.

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