Installation of floating barriers in Marina Bay on 8-10 August 2012

Dear Sirs/Mdms,

  1. As a requirement from PUB to inform all boat operators in Marina Reservoir, this email serves to keep you informed on the laying of floating barriers at Marina Reservoir and Singapore River for the purpose of security operations on 9 August 2012 National Day Parade (NDP) celebrations.
  2. The Police Coast Guard have engaged Koon Construction & Transport Co Pte Ltd to lay the floating barriers at Marina Reservoir from the coast of Singapore Flyer towards Garden by The Bay and over at Singapore River, between Cavenagh Bridge and Anderson Bridge across the river. At both locations, there will be an opening laid in over-lapping concept for ingress and egress.
  3. The floating barriers serve to demarcate the Restricted Zone of the NDP event where entry into the zone is restricted and out of bound to public on 9 August from 1200hrs to 2230hrs. Police Coast Guard will commence security operations with patrol boats deployed at the boundaries of the zone to enforce security where all vessels seeking entry will be checked. Only authorized vessels by Police Coast Guard will be allowed entry.
  4. The laying of floating barriers will commence on 8 August from 1930hrs at Marina Reservoir and over Singapore river side will commence from 2300hrs. The installation is expected to complete on 9 August at 0700hrs and after the stand down of NDP event, our contractors will commence removal of the floating barriers. The removal of the floating barriers will complete on 10 August @0600hrs.
  5. We thank all stakeholders in Marina Reservoir for your continuous support in our operations for NDP 2012 and look forward to a better working relationship.

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