Theft in Kallang Dragon Boat Nursery

Theft in Kallang Dragon Boat Nursery

There was another case of theft on Friday, 16.10.2015, in The Nursery.

Happened about 4pm-ish. This time, the perpetrator picked the lock of a team’s cupboard and stole 4 mobile phones and some cash. A police report has been made.

The LTA security guard (next door) reported seeing a peculiar character outside the fence (between Nursery and LTA). He described the guy as:-
– Chinese (or at least oriental looking)
– skinny
– mohawk hairstyle (or at least cropped sides) with long overhanging fringe over his forehead
– tattoo on his right thigh
– wearing a sports shirt (he described it as “those shirt dragon boaters like to wear”)

It’s not much but at least it’s a description of a potential suspect.

Please exercise vigilance and keep a lookout for this creep. If you encounter him or any suspicious character(s), do not under any circumstance that you confront him/her/them. Instead, try to remember their looks and report to The Police.

In the meanwhile, please note that The Nursery is not the ideal place to keep your valuables. Use the lockers at KWSC and or Sports Hub Water Sports Centre (these are free and are located in the toilets).

We are meeting the landowner to discuss this matter soon.

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