Update on 14th July

The results for both 11th and 12th July are available for download.

Update on 7th July

The team managers' briefing material, lane draw results, race schedule, as well as race programme for SDBF 2015 is available for download to the right.

1 Invitation

1.1 The Organizing Committee cordially invites you to participate in the Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2015 (SDBF 2015).

1.2 The racing distance of the SDBF 2015 is a straight-course 500m except
i) the Prime Minister Cup Men and Women racing events on a straight-course 1,000m racing distance.
ii) 200m for PA Water Venture, PA Para Venture, PA Inter Generation.
iii) 200m for NTUC Challenge.

1.3 Enclosed are the following:
1) Document F1: Entry Rules
2) Document F2: Registration
3) Document F3: Team & Crew List
4) Document F4: Waiver of Liability Declaration

2 How to Register:

2.1. The registration will be Manual (Hardcopy) – see Item 3 below.

2.2. Please read and understand document F1: Entry Rules. This document spells out the race details, eligibility of teams and the registration process.

2.3. In Document F2: Registration, pick the races that you intend to participate.

2.4. Get the following details ready (team members to be registered):
1) Full Name
2) ID nos.
3) Gender
4) Age
5) Color or Black & White ID-type photo.

2.5. We have combined and simplified the Team and Crew Lists into one (1) document - Document F3: Team & Crew List.

2.6 Fill-in your entire full team (i.e. all participating team members, regardless of later crew division) into Document F3 and submit.

2.7 On Race Day, you can convert Document F3 into a Crew List by identifying the particular team members making up the particular crew for the event your team is racing in.

2.8. Submission of Documents F2 & F3 will constitute your official team registration.

3. Hardcopy or Email Registration:

3.1. Team Managers are required to fill in the following document:-
i. Document F2: Registration
ii. Document F3: Team & Crew List
iii. Document F4: Waiver of Liability

3.2. Hardcopy: Team Managers are required to burn Document F2 and F3 into a CD or thumb-drive and submit to SDBA by the closing date.

3.3. Email: Team Managers may also consider emailing Document F2 and F3 to SDBA, provided the file size of each do not exceed 1,000kb.

3.4. Team Managers may submit the Document F4: Waiver of Liability on Race Day itself at 1hr before the start of The Team’s respective race (last resort).

Please refer to document F1 for more details.

4. Registration Deadline:

4.1 Entry Forms must be duly completed and submitted with the entry fees and made payable to Singapore Dragon Boat Association”.

4.2 All submissions must reach SDBA not later than Monday, 15th June 2015 at 1800hrs. Late entries will not be accepted.

Mailing Address:
Lion Building “B”
#02-02 Suite “G”
No 12 Arumugam Road
Singapore 409958
Emailing Address:
Attn: SDBF 2015 Entry

4.2 Entry fees are not refundable.

4.4 We look forward to your support and your participation in the Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2015 to make the event a success.