Please click to view the zoning map:
Marina Reservoir Activity Zone Map (as at 8th April 2013)

Please note:

  • The area shaded GREEN on the map is designated for non-motorised activities.
  • The area shaded RED on the map is designated for motorised activities. No entry for non- motorised vessels.
  • For your own safety,  all non-motorised vessels are not permitted to enter into the safety zone  (marked out by marker buoys) when the drainage pumps or crest gates are in operation.
  • The area next to the pier (near Mederka Bridge) has a rocky bottom. The area is shallow.
    Please keep clear of the area
  • Reservoir users must comply with any instructions given by PUB officers in the reservoir.
  • Users of Marina Reservoir are to comply with the Code of Conduct.

Water Safety Guidelines

Lightning and bad weather
All users are to stop their activity and seek shelter when the lightning alert system is activated (Example: Lightning alert siren is sounded and/or lightning alert received via sms). Exercise sound judgment by visual observation of the surrounding environment and adjust your activities as required (Example: Building up of thunder clouds and sightings of lightning).

Use of Personal Floatation Device (PFD)
PFD must be worn at all times when carrying out activities in the water.

Operation Hours
All activities in the reservoir are to be carried out only during daylight hours from 7am to 7pm.