Support our National Team go World-Champ!

The Singapore Dragon Boat Association (SDBA) is appealing for donations and sponsorship for our Singapore National Dragon Boat Team to go for overseas races in 2017, including the 2017 IDBF World Nations Championship, to be held in October 2017, China.

As a Team Sport, SDBA would need to field a contingent of between 50 and 70 athletes and officials for overseas competition. Flight cost, accommodations, transportation, meals and racing gears for such a large contingent is enormous. Our National Dragon Boat Team, majority of which are tertiary students and young working adults, are putting in many personal hours in the evenings and weekends training very hard for the sport.

SDBA receives limited funding for overseas competition and training, your generous donations and sponsorships could help our National Dragon Boat Team realise our podium finish dreams. If you wish to sponsor any gift or any part of the overseas competition, please email us at If you wish to donate cash, please proceed to the Donation section at Giving SG.

We Thank You for your generous support.