Dragon Boat Activities for School

It is not an individual sport.
It is a team sport.
It involves a team of 12 in a crew (with a coxswain and a drummer).
It involves a larger team of 22 in a crew (with a coxswain and a drummer).No experience or skill is needed to begin with:
Very basic moderate health and physique for a start,
Takes a very short time to master a rowing stroke.
What counts is the synchronization of the paddling strokes (doing together at the same time).

Schools can participate in dragon boat paddling in the following:

  • As an orientation programme
  • As a trim and fit programme
  • As a team building and bonding programme
  • As a co-curricular activity
  • As a competitive water sport, culminating in the National Schools’ Dragon Boat championship each year (organized and financially sponsored by the Singapore Dragon Boat Association) and other SDBA’s organized yearly competitions
  • For keeping overall fitness
  • For fun and friendship

Rental fee, instructor, duration:

  • A 10-crew dragon boat for a 2-hour session in the water is $20 and $50 for the instructor/steersman/coxswain
  • A 20-crew dragon boat for a 2-hour session in the water is $30 and $50 for the instructor/steersman/coxswain
  • There are at least 10 of 10-crew dragon boats and 10 of 20-crew dragon boats available for each session in the water.
  • You can have a mixture of 12 and 22 crew boats in the water each session depending on the number of each group you bring along

Who participate in dragon boat paddling?

  • Students and schools’ uniformed groups.
  • Adults (old and young)(men and women).
  • Corporate executives.
  • The Uniformed Groups such as the Singapore Police Force, the Singapore Armed Forces and the Singapore Civil Defence Force etc.
  • The expatriate’s community.
  • Breast cancer survivors.

Days and times Kallang Water Sports Centre opens for activity:

  • Tuesday to Sunday
  • 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
  • Mondays and public holidays closed

How to contact:
Singapore Dragon Boat Association
Kallang Water Sports Centre
10 stadium lane
Kallang, Singapore 397774
Telephone No.             65-64409693
Fax No. 65-63452482
Email: sdba@starhub.net.sg
Website: www.sdba.org.sg
Secretary-General: Mr Lim Wee Kok

Singapore Dragon
Boat Association
founded 1987

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