Illegal Parking outside the Kallang Water Sports Centre

This is a message from the Singapore Sports Council.

“We would like to bring you attention to illegal parking of vehicles along Stadium Walk, public road leading to the Kallang Water Sports Centre. The situation worsened especially during the weekends and public holidays period. On many occasions, it had caused obstruction at our gate entrance for any vehicular access into the Kallang Centre too. It would definitely unacceptable especially during any emergency case which might need the direct access for ambulance or fire engine etc.

We seek you and staff who are working at the centre to advice all rowers, club members etc to stop such illegal parking along the public road. For the benefit of all users of the centre, we also seek your assistance to contact the Traffic Police at Tel: 1800 – 5471818  for any illegal parking which is happening along this road.

We will continue to send our security officer and staff to monitor the illegal parking situation too. Hopefully, we could all work towards the same objective to stop such illegal parking matter. We will also install some “No Parking” signage along the fence.

We look forward to your understanding and assistance.”

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