Notice to NSAs: Partners in improving water safety in Marina Reservoir

Please ensure that your members and affiliates comply with the Code of Conduct of that area for water activities and danger zone in Marina Reservoir. All Coaches & Steersmen are also reminded to bring along their mobile phone when they set out for their water activity so that they are contactable for emergencies or bad weather. (Available for downloaded from: of Conduct for water-based activities in Marina Reservoir.doc

Rocky and Shallow Areas in Marina Reservoir:
PUB have installed a marker buoy to indicate the rocky and shallow area at Kallang Basin (see attached map above). Please take extra care when they are conducting non-motorised water activities in that area. PUB have observed some instances where water users move/shift the buoys. Please do not to touch/move any buoy in the Marina Reservoir as these buoys are markers for the safety zone and facilities, etc.

Continue to Check Marina Reservoir Notices Regularly:
All users of Marina Reservoir are to check Marina Reservoir Notices regularly for construction activities, water activities, out-of-bound areas and any updates at the following website:

For the subscription for Lightning Warning Service, the contact person is, from Meteorological Services Division. Her no. is 65431764.

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