Information Bulletin No.1 Hong Kong 2012 CCWC

A message from the IDBF Executive President:

Dear Colleagues,

Please find attached Information Bulletin No.1 for the 8th Club Crew World Championships (8th CCWC) due to be held in Hong Kong from 4-8 July 2012.

Please note that in certain Competition Classes the number of crew members in a Standard Boat is likely to be restricted to 20 (18 paddlers – 8 in the Small Boat) depending on the water and weather conditions prevailing in Victoria Harbour during the Championships. Any such restrictions will be made on crew safety grounds by the Chief Official.

ALL CREWS are to be reminded that they must be sanctioned by their IDBF Member (in Countries or Territories where there is an IDBF Member) and that all entries received will be referred back to the IDBF Member concerned for ratification before a final entry will be excepted.

Also note that there may be a small Admin charge for this Championships and that any such charge will be confirmed in Info Bul 2.

A note is shown in the Info Bulletin but you are advised of the full competition regulation change for the 18-23s, which is as follows:-

CR 2.1.6 (2.2.1). 18-23s.. Races can be held for Mixed or Single gender crews or in Open Competition, as shown above, for competitors aged 18 to 23 inclusive, as at the 1st June in a given year. (Aug 11).

Up to four (4) Racers in a Standard Boat competition and 2 in a Small Boat competition, may be aged 16 but under 18 years old and two (2) and one (1) over 23 but under 26 as at the 1st June. (Aug 11). NoteBy definition Drummers and Steerers are ‘Racers’ 

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