Message from Organizing Committee

Dear Dragon Boat Community,

The Singapore Dragon Boat Association (SDBA) and the Organizing Committee for the DBS Marina Regatta 2012 would like to sincerely thank all of you for your patience, kind understanding and outstanding cooperation. The success of the event should rightfully be attributed to the Dragon Boat Community as a whole.

Typical of an inaugural event, there were things that were done right and some that didn’t go according to plan. Murphy’s Law also visited us on both race days – “what can go wrong…did…spectacularly”. We did planned for contigencies but sometimes, all the planning just can’t help. Such as, what were the chances that two(2) seperate computers to manage the race results and progression to the next level failing at the same time (one crashed, the other probable virus attack). So it all went back to manual, hence the time delay in getting the results out.

There were some major failures on our part too. In the 200m National Community event, we accidentally missed progressing the Hewlett Packard and American Dragons team to the SF. The error was spotted just as the last SF was about to be ran. We managed to get hold of team HP but unfortunately team American Dragons had already departed, thinking that they did not qualify as the race line-up put up on the scoreboard did not show them. We are deeply embarrased by this and we would like to publicly apologize to the American Dragon team. We are trully and deeply sorry that our failure at this level robbed you of the chance to qualify to the finals of the National Community event.

There were also some bright spots as we received tremendous help from the Dragon Boat Community. The Tertiary Teams gamely came together to help us verify that the scoring for their teams were done right. This was done in spite of fierce rivalries and competition. We appreciate the understanding and nobility of these teams to set aside rivalry and helped us to checked the results so that the rightful deserving teams progressed.

We also received some much needed assistance from computer programmers and IT engineers (you know who you are!) from several different teams that came forward to help us with our computer breakdown problem. Again, rivalry was set aside in the interest of fair play and game-manship.

We were also thankful that teams gamely went along with the program, come rain or night. Due to the time constraints and need to achieve key program milestones, the race program had to be hastily rearranged. We also had to amend the rules accordingly to suit this. Such as having to shelved the race-off (in the advent of a tie in the point scoring system) as we do not have the time to do so. Hence the tie-breaker between the British Dragons and Austcham had to be based on the best time returned in the International Community 500m final. And we appreciate the understanding showed by both these noble teams, considering the grand prize money was at stake. Regardless, please be assured that all was done in accordance with IDBF Competition Regulations and Rules of Racing. 

We also now have positive proof that a night dragon boat race is possible in Marina Bay!

The DBS Marina Regatta is here to stay. We at SDBA and the Organizing Committee will take heart with all the lessons learned. And we promise that next year’s installment will be better than this one. Once again, we would like to thank the Dragon Boat Community for your support, understanding and kind patience. Hope to see you all again next year.

Organizing Committee,
DBS Marina Regatta 2012

Singapore Dragon
Boat Association
founded 1987

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