Invitation to be part of LovingSG: One Heart, One Voice for NDP 2012

National Day is approaching once again and this year’s National Day theme – Loving Singapore, Our Home, encourages all Singaporeans to reflect on what it means to love our country, what we appreciate about Singapore, and how each individual can express their love for the nation. It hopes to inspire Singaporeans from all walks of life to come together and get involved in the celebrations beyond the parade on 9th August. The committee has planned a series of key activities to involve as many Singaporeans as possible. As part of this outreach, a virtual choir titled LovingSG: One Heart, One Voice will be created for the very first time in Singapore.

LovingSG: One Heart One Voice aims to engage Singaporeans from all walks of life, here and overseas, to come together in harmony in one voice for our beloved Majulah Singapura. From 30th May to 8th July 2012, Singaporeans will be invited to express their love for Singapore by submitting short videos of them singing a rendition of our National Anthem. All entries will then be pieced together by two internationally acclaimed and home-grown talents, music conductor Darrell Ang and film-maker Royston Tan, to form the nation’s first virtual choir. This will be unveiled at the National Day Parade this year.

LovingSG: One Heart One Voice hopes to reflect the diversity and vibrancy of the Singapore society and this can only be made possible with strong participation from individuals and groups in both the private and public sector. The committee will therefore like to take this opportunity to invite Singapore Dragon Boat Association to submit your choral entries so that Singapore Dragon Boat Association can be represented in this national project and help make the nation’s first virtual choir a resounding success. Kindly refer to the annex for more information on how to participate.

Please feel free to contact me at if you need any clarification. Our project manager, Cherie Lee will be in touch with your shortly to follow-up. She is contactable at 9184 5744 /

We look forward to your favourable response.
Thank you very much!

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