DBS Marina Regatta 2012 news update

DBS fires up interest in dragon boating with over 1,600 DBS Marina Regatta photos shared via Instagram

DBS leverages on rising popularity of Instagram to present
DBS Marina Regatta to audiences around the world

SINGAPORE, 5 June 2012 – DBS Bank once again is leading in the social media front by connecting people through shared experiences with the first-of-its kind Instagram competition. The bank revealed the winners of its DBS Marina Regatta Instagram competition, which received over 1,600 photo submissions of the inaugural DBS Marina Regatta on 5-6 May.

DBS is an early adopter of social media in Singapore, building various communities and engaging over 167,000 followers across channels including Facebook. With deepening insights to social media interactions, the bank hosted the DBS Marina Regatta Instagram competition, which consists of two categories – an individual category and the team category, also the first Instagram team competition covering a live event in Singapore.

The competition was designed to leverage on the increasing popularity of phoneography and Instagram to create shared experiences surrounding the DBS Marina Regatta, further strengthening the association in the public’s mind of DBS with the uniquely Asian sport of dragon boating.

During the DBS Marina Regatta, three teams of four instagramers, with a combined reach of over 25,000 followers, posted more than 300 photos in the team competition. Two to three photos were tagged #dbsmarinaregatta per minute on Instagram by people from different walks of life during the race days. The impressions were further amplified as people shared these photos with their peers via other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, showcasing the DBS Marina Regatta to a greater worldwide audience.

Dr Lam Pin Min, President of Singapore Dragon Boat Association, said, “The inaugural DBS Marina Regatta was a real success and this was further propelled by the number of people who captured and shared memories of the event via the DBS Marina Regatta Instagram competition. I hope that through such peer sharing, more people will get excited about the sport and join us for the next regatta, whether as dragon boaters or as spectators.”

The winning team, “Beat of the Dragons”, for the team category was selected by a panel of judges comprising:-

  • Dr Lam Pin Min, President, Singapore Dragon Boat Association
  • Bob Lee, Award winning photographer
  • Samantha Mark, Chief Operating Officer, DBS Bank Singapore

“When taking part in a photography contest, many people are often obsessed with capturing the perfect image. However, photography shouldn’t be about the perfect image, and even then, the definition of the ‘perfect image’ can never be perfect in itself. The most important thing is that the photographer can rationalise his intention, and that the image itself is able to connect to its viewer, even if only one viewer ‘connects’. In judging the DBS Marina Regatta photo competitions, the photos that jumped out at us are the ones that tugged at our emotions and showed us a different aspect of the DBS Marina Regatta”, said Bob Lee, a renowned Singaporean photographer whose notable awards include first place in the Behind the Scenes category of the ClickArt: World Photojournalists Meet in 2003.

Samantha Mark, COO, DBS Singapore said, “As I was judging the photos, I was especially impressed by the quality of the photos taken by the Instagramers using their mobile phones. Other than providing live coverage of the DBS Marina Regatta to their followers in Singapore and overseas, the Instagramers have also captured precious moments, allowing participants, spectators and their friends to relive fond memories of the inaugural DBS Marina Regatta.”

For the individual category, approximately 400 Instagramers took part, posting over 1,300 photos. Winners of the individual category are decided by public voting.

As the leading bank in social media, DBS was the first Asian bank in Singapore to adopt a regional corporate Facebook page in 2010. Last year, the bank was also the first in Asia to use the Facebook Deals platform to launch a regional Facebook Places and Check-in Deals campaign. DBS was recently awarded the “Channel Excellence in Social Media” and “Channel Excellence in Mobile Banking” accolades in the 2012 Banking and Payments Asia (BPA) Trailblazer Awards.

The DBS Marina Regatta Instagram competition aimed to raise awareness for the Regatta, an annual event, and to interest more Singaporeans in the Asian sport of dragon boating. More details are available at www.dbsmarinaregatta.com.

Download more live coverage photos by Instagramers at: https://www.yousendit.com/download/QlVpakltSytCSnJ2WnRVag

Annex – DBS Marina Regatta Photo Competitions Results

DBS Marina Regatta Instagram Live Coverage

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