Marina Reservoir Restricted Zone for F1 2012

A message from PUB:

PUB would like to inform all boat operators in Marina Reservoir about the exercising of a ‘Restricted Zone’ between Anderson Bridge and Esplanade Bridge for 22nd and 23rd September 2012. This restriction will facilitate security operations during F1 2012. Only authorised vessels issued with PCG accreditation labels will be able to pass through the ‘Restricted Zone’.

The restriction zone will take effect from 2000 – 2300hrs on 22nd September, and 1900 – 2300hrs on 23rd September.

Restricted Zone

Do note that demarcation buoys would not be present. However, PCG patrol boats will be present under both bridges.

We thank all stakeholders in Marina Reservoir for your continuous support in our operations for F1 2012 and look forward to a better working relationship.

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