SDBA Dragon Boat Questionnaires

Singapore Dragon Boat Questionnaires

The current dragon boat storage area is going! In about 9 months it will start to be “gone” and the rental area as well!! Everything! by 31st December 2013.

This message is firstly addressed to all Affiliates of SDBA (Clubs) that have boats stored in the Nursery at Kallang. Therefore we need all Clubs to reply to the general survey.

SDBA has plenty of data on Races and Rentals but lacks data on Clubs and Dragon Boats.

For the future of Dragon Boat at Kallang, it is necessary for us to provide a detailed report to Singapore Sports Council. Your answers will help provide that data and this report will help the future of Dragon Boating at Kallang.

There are many questions and please answer what you can and what you are comfortable with. If you do not feel comfortable with a question, leave it, but answer the others.

Current Dragon Boat Owners – you must reply about your dragon boats.
Future Dragon Boat owners – you must reply about your future dragon boats.

No response from you will be interpreted as:

Your Club does not have a dragon boat now nor plan to have one.

Neither does it want to be considered in any future storage plan.

A strong statement is “Yes” – intentionally.

The plan:
To find a new location and keep Dragon Boating at Marina Reservoir (Kallang).

The attached survey has a range of questions needing specific answers and some free columns for comments. Add any extra comments or suggestions to do with Training / Races / Locations and all positive and negative comments are welcome.

New Location:
Hopefully we can get a storage area to our needs:
Space for dragon boats, storage lockers, life jackets for drying, water on tap, lights (for after night paddling), power for boat maintenance, rubbish skips and anything else you can perhaps suggest.

We may not get all our wishes – but we need to ask with data to support our requests.

Finally, please complete the attached form what you can and save the file with your Club’s name and send it back to SDBA at email:
by Monday, 1st April 2013.

These questionnaires may not be complete, but we really need as much answers as you can provide to forward our data to the Singapore Sports Council.

Thank you.

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