Illegal parking at SDBA Dragon Boat Storage Yard‏

Dear Team Managers and Captains

It has come to our attention that some of your team members have been parking their vehicles in the SDBA dragon boat storage yard for the past several weeks when they attend dragon boat training and recreational sessions.

SDBA strongly urges you to inform them to note seriously that at no time has parking been permitted here as this is a working dragon boat storage yard. Their inconsiderate action when parking their vehicles illegally, have hampered the movement of dragon boats. They must also note that if a car or motorcycle is damaged as a result of parking within the boatyard, liability falls upon the vehicles owner.

ONCE AGAIN PARKING OF ALL KINDS OF VEHICLES IN THE BOATYARD AT ANY TIME IS DEFINITELY NOT ALLOWED AND IS ILLEGAL. Members may drop off and pick up paddlers and/or equipment, but they must move their vehicles to the relevant public car parks.

You have to understand that when dragon boat teams carry and try to manoeuvre their 40-feet long dragon boats to get past any parked vehicles blocking the pathway, accidental contacts with these illegally parked vehicles within the boatyard will occur. Movements of dragon boats must be free of obstructions.

Your team members should use the car park in front of Kallang MRT or at the Sports Hub car park. The Singapore Dragon Boat Association will be working with Sport Singapore and the respective Government Agency to carry out enforcement with immediate effect.

Photographs will be taken of vehicles that are parked illegally in the dragon boat storage yard and will be forwarded to the Agency concerned for action to be taken, if this behaviour continues. Offenders have their pictures attached on the right.

We would appreciate it if you could assist to disseminate the information to your team members immediately.

Attached are some photos of vehicles that had parked illegally at the SDBA dragon boat storage yard for the last 3 weekends.

Thank you for your assistance.

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Boat Association
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