SDBA Basic Instruction Course 2014

We are pleased to inform you that the Singapore Dragon Boat Association will conduct the SDBA Basic Instruction Course 2014 from 27th to 28th September 2014.

You are required to attend a two day series of lecture, written test and a land and on water practical session if your application is accepted.

Prior to attending the workshop of this SDBA Basic Instruction Course you would have the following:
a) Possessed a SDBA Helm Accreditation Scheme License (to produce certificate either Provisional or Full);
b) Trained in a variety of conditions i.e. morning and evening, windy and calm conditions, full or half crew;
c) Have a First Aid or CPR Certificate.

Please note that the class is only able to accommodate up to a maximum of 20 persons and it will be on a first come first serve basis with full payment either by Cash or Cheque. For cheque payment the cheque must be made payable to the ‘SINGAPORE DRAGON BOAT ASSOCIATION”. We will not accept request for payment by Invoice.

The closing date is on Thursday, 18th September 2014 at 12.00 pm.

The SDBA Admin Office is at:

Lion Building “B”
#02-02 Suite “G”
No 12 Arumugam Road
Singapore 409958

The application form is available for download on the right. Thank you.

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