2015 Singapore Canoe Marathon

Hello from Singapore Canoe Federation and a Happy New Year to all!

The 2015 Singapore Canoe Marathon will be taking place on 18 Jan 2015 (Sunday).

Here are some notables to all:

  1. Marina Bay will be involved from 0700 – 0900.
    The major part of the canoe marathon will be at Kallang River, Kallang Basin and Marina Channel throughout the day to 1800 hrs.
  2. At the Marina Bay, the morning group of about 80 – 100 kayaks will do their first round of the canoe marathon between 0800 to 0900. This will be the time they will be at the Marina Bay area.(by 0930 all canoes and kayaks will be using the route outside Marina Bay.)
  3. Entry and exit of Marina BayThe kayaks will be passing by using the 2nd pillar of the Benjamin Sheares Bridge, from the Marina Bay Sands as reference. Passing between the pillars.The prominent M1 and M2 yellow mooring buoys near the Benjamin Sheares Bridge will also be used as reference for the paddlers to follow in their route on their exit.
  4. We would like to request all captains operating motorised boats during the hours of the race, to look out for canoes and kayaks on the water on 18 Jan 2015 (Sunday) and to kindly give way to the paddlers on water.
  5. Safety boats will be deployed for traffic management and where required and to pass at suitable window if crossing is required. Please refer to the route map.

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