Dry Weather Water Reduction Plan

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  1. SportSG has been notified by PUB that Singapore has entered into the dry phase of the North-East Monsoon which is characterised by drier weather. PUB has issued circulars to 27,000 non-domestic customers to advise them to embark on water-saving measures. SportSG is implementing plans to reduce water usage and help stretch our water resources during this dry weather period. A copy of our Dry Weather Water Reduction Plan is attached for your reference 
  2. PUB also shares with SportSG the other agencies’ dry weather water reduction
    • Increase frequency of meter reading and monitoring of water consumption closely to detect any leaks and abnormally high consumption early for quick rectification.
    • Carry out washing activities only when necessary.  Supervise washing activities closely to ensure that there is no water wastage. Stop the use of high pressure jets & hoses for washing activities.  Use mop and pail.
    • Suspend building façade washing.  
    • Reduce the frequency of washing if washing is unavoidable.Stop watering of plants/turf or reduce the frequency of watering if watering is unavoidable.
    • Reschedule turfing and landscaping works.
    • Stop or reduce frequency of vehicle washing.
    • Avoid operation of water features and fountains wherever possible to minimise/prevent evaporation and drift losses.
    • Reduce operating hours of water cooled air con systems. Avoid operating water cooled air-conditioning systems at temperatures below 24 °C.
    • Convert conventional urinals to waterless urinals.
    • Increase staff awareness of water conservation.
  3. For more water reduction measures, you may also wish to refer to http://www.pub.gov.sg/conserve/WaterReductionMeasures/Pages/default.aspx
  4. SportSG would appreciate your cooperation in helping to conserve Singapore’s precious water resources

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