Use of ISO-Standard or equivalent PFD

As part of the general initiative to make the sport safer for all levels, classification and skill of dragon boat athletes and enthusiasts, there is a need to standardize the personal safety equipment in general.
By 1st January 2017, all dragon boaters are required to ONLY USE ISO-Standard or Equivalent personal floatation device (PFD).
ISO-Standard or Equivalent PFD are designed with weight rating and time-afloat endurance in mind. Effectively, the dragon boater can customize to use the PFD that is suitable to his/her weight and be assured that the PFD will keep his/her head out of the water.
In the interim, dragon boaters are required to use their current PFD according to its design intend.
Let’s work together to raise the safety standard and quality of the sport in Singapore.
List of PFD suppliers:-
(Note that this list is non-exhaustive and there are other international suppliers as well. But these are local companies and enterprises. Support local enterprises – Buy local)
1. Innotrek
Mr Mike Lim
2. Kanoe Sports
Mr Patrick Fong
3. Kim Tuck Huat Boatbuilders
Mr Ong Eng Boon
4. SAVA International
Ms Angelina Ong
5. Seatek
Mr Kho Hao Yuan
6. Xponent
Mr Jeffrey Chua


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