Dredging works at Kallang River (Dec 2015 – July 2016)‏

PUB will be carrying out dredging works at Kallang River (from Geylang Road to Nicoll Highway) from Dec 2015 – July 2016. Oung Construction (S) Pte Ltd is the appointed contractor to carry out the dredging works.


Period of work


2 Dec 2015 – 31 July 2016



Kallang River (Geylang Road to Nicoll Highway)



Oung Construction (S) Pte Ltd



SR  3443F, SR 3444D, RC 203, RC 204, RC 206, RC 207, RC 208, RC 214, RC 215

Contact person


Mr Wong Cheng Wee @ 98622635 (Oung Construction)

Mr Jeffrey Hii @ 98546895 (Oung Construction)

Mr Lee Sing Chong @ 91787663 (CPG)

Mr Tan Hooi Soon @ 92334308 (PUB)


The dredging works will be carried out in 4 phases and the work schedule and dredging area is indicated in the table and map below.



Dredging period

Phase 1

2 Dec 2015 – 31 Jan 2016

Phase 2

1 Feb – 31 Mar 2016

Phase 3

1 Apr – 31 May 2016

Phase 4

1 Jun – 31 July 2016

All reservoir users are to keep clear of the dredging area during work days from 0800 to 1900hrs, except Sundays and Public holidays.

Do note that no water activities are allowed within the dredging area from Feb to July 2016. Only launching of non-motorised vessels are permitted within the designated launching lane (20m x 192m) as highlighted in green in the map above. The launching lane will be demarcated by the buoys shown below.

During the duration of the works, the PUB marker buoys, floating barrier and water quality monitoring system (as circled below) will be shifted to the boundaries outside of the dredging area. They will be reinstated to their original positions upon completion of the dredging works.

Buoys for demarcation of launching lane

PUB marker buoys, water quality monitoring system


We seek your kind understanding to inform your participants to stay clear of the dredging area during the stated period of the dredging works. The reservoir notice will be uploaded on our website shortly.

Please let us know if you have any clarifications.

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