Canoe Slalom Training and 1st National Canoe Slalom Championships

Dear Stakeholders,

Hello again from the Singapore Canoe Federation!

Canoe Slalom Training and 1st National Canoe Slalom Championships 2016  will be taking place at the waters near Cosy Bay Lookout Tower area at Kallang Basin, Marina Reservoir in the month of July 2016.

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(1)          Canoe Slalom Training Activity 

The Singapore Canoe Federation and HQ National Cadet Corps, will be organising the training for the 2016 National Canoe Slalom Championships from 11 July to 23 July 2016.

Weekdays : 1400 – 1900 hrs

Sat : 0800 – 1400 hrs (in view of NDP closure)

Sun : 0800 – 1300, 1400 – 1900

(2)          2016 National Canoe Slalom Championships 

This event will be on 24 July 2016, 0800 – 1800 hrs at the same venue above.

(3)          Canoes and Kayaks used for training and 2016 National Cnaoe Slalom Championships

All boats used for training and event will paddle to site the Kallang Water Sports Centre / NCC Kallang Sea Training Centre.

(4)            Water Traffic Management

Red line and arrow indicates route for motorised boats only as according to NDP16 operations plan.

Orange line and arrows indicates route for for motorised and non motorised boats.

Blue dashed arrows for canoes and kayaks for Canoe Slalom moving between Kallang Water Sports Centre / NCC Kallang Sea Training Centre to the training / event site.

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Water traffic at Kallang Basin will remain open throughout training and competition period. All vessels if require entry to Cosy Bay area are advised to approach slow.

Entry to Cosy Bay area only when advised by Coach / IC at site site is active.

Feel free to contact me if there is any questions about the activity or event.

Please kindly acknowledge on this notification.

Appreciate your assistance and support, and once again, drink plenty during this hot season!


Joseph Ang

Operations Manager

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