Cat 1 Weather: Notice to Dragon Boat Community

[High Importance] 

The rainy season is upon us. SDBA would therefore like to remind the dragon boat community to please check the weather status and condition before and/or during paddling sessions. Please note that Cat 1 weather, either refers to heavy rain and or lightning strikes (which can also occur without any rainfall).

In May 2019, seven(7) teams were found to have been carrying-on their training sessions and/or still on the water after Cat 1 were activated. These teams were handed penalties/reprimands ranging from Written Warnings and up to 4 weeks suspension.

All Teams must therefore observe the no water activity during Cat 1 activation requirement.

Lightning Warning System beacons

The most visible indication of Cat 1 activation would be the Lightning Warning System (LWS) beacons installed at;-

a. Kallang Water Sports Centre (KWSC)
b. Dragon Boat Nursery.

These two(2) LWS are synched with NEA’s weather warning system. Teams are required to check and verify that both beacons are not activated before they start their paddling session.

The understanding is for Teams to comply with the LWS at where they launched from.

1. Before Departure from Beach

Before departing Kallang Riverside Park Beach (also known as Nursery Beach), please check the LWS@Nursery by sending a crew member to sight the LWS beacon inside the Dragon Boat Nursery.

2. After Departure from Beach

Once Teams have moved off from the beach, please sight the LWS@KWSC after passing Merdeka Bridge. Once activated, the LWS@KWSC is visible from the water all the way up to:

a. Cosy Bay (at Pebble Bay condominium)
b. Fountain Structure in Kallang Basin (approaches to Shears Bridge)  

3. Launching from WSC and/or PAWV

Teams launching from Sports Hub Water Sports Centre (WSC) are required to comply with the LWS@WSC. Likewise, Teams launching from PA Water Venture (PAWV), are required to comply with the LWS@PAWV.



As of 2015, Boat Captains (identified as Coach and/or Steersperson) are required to bring along their smart phones when conducting paddling session. The purpose is to facilitate ease of checking weather status and condition:-

For 1st timers, goto “Alert Settings” Alerts are displayed on this page. MyNEA main page Click on the “bell” icon

a. When out of sight of any LWS (i.e. when inside Marina Channel, Geylang River, etc.)
b. Anytime during paddling session

1. Download the MyENVapp. This app is available to the general public and therefore readily accessible.
2. Set the following Settings in the MyENV app:

3. Upon activating the “Lightning” setting in the MyENV app, select the following locations:-

a. Kallang River – which covers Dragon Boat Nursery, Nursery Beach and Kallang River
b. Kallang Water Sports Centre – which covers Kallang Basin, up to Indoor Stadium suspension bridge and Shears Bridge
c. Geylang River – which covers Geylang River
d. Marina Barrage – which covers Marina Channel (alternatively, can also select Singapore Flyer) 



Please exit the water and seek shelter when either LWS (from where you launch) and/or MnNEA App is activated

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