Announcement 2 (26 Apr 2011)

To All Participating Junior Colleges & Secondary Schools:We would appreciate it if you could assist to ensure that your teams adhere to the following:

  1. Please be punctual and report to the Boat Marshall at least 30 minutes before the start of your event
  2. All participants in the dragon boat (paddlers+drummer+steersman) must put on Personal Floatation Device (PFD) and footwear
  3. There will be communal tents provided, all teams are advised to share the space amicably
  4. Please bring along your own drinking water as The Organizers will not be providing

In the Team Manager's Briefing conducted on Tuesday 26th April 2011 at the SDBA Admin Office, the following were discussed and agreed upon:-

  1. To allow for flexibility, the control on the Drummer's age has been relaxed, ie. the drummer need not adhere to the age limit imposed by the different racing divisions. But the restriction on gender will still aplly, ie. only a female drummer is allowed to drum for a female crew, etc
  2. The Organizers target to end all affairs latest by 5:30PM
  3. In the Start procedure, paddlers are allowed to EITHER keep their paddles IN or OUT of the water. No more paddling or movement is allowed after the command


The Race Schedule will remain status quo, without any further amendments. To allay worries about the clashing of schedules as well as fears regarding the contraction of the racing format, The Organizers pledged that sufficient rest times will be accorded in between races.

Thank you.


Announcement 1 (7 Feb 2011)

Dear HOD CCA and/or Teacher In-Charge,

Invitation to Participate In The 11th National Inter-Schools’ Dragon Boat Championship 2011 (Previously known as the National Schools’ Dragon Boat Championship)The Singapore Dragon Boat Association (SDBA) is glad to invite your school to participate in the 11th National Inter-Schools’ Dragon Boat Championship (NISDBC) to be held on the 29th of April 2011 at the Bedok Reservoir.The 10th National Schools’ Dragon Boat Championship (previously known as NSDBC) last year made huge progress in terms of participation. With your strong support and active participation, we have satisfied all the conditions set down for us by MOE and are very close to making dragon boat a recognized sport in schools. We are looking forward to a full official recognition in 2013. In view of this, the competition will now be named the National Inter-Schools’ Dragon Boat Championship beginning 2011.Dragon boating is an excellent sport which strongly promotes the important intrinsic life values of teamwork, discipline, physical fitness and mental toughness. With the future implementation by MOE, our participating students can soon benefit from their good performance with recognition in their CCA and award of the School Colours. The Singapore Dragon Boat Association needs your support once again this year to make our common dream into reality.Following the successful introduction with exciting response from new participating schools last year, SDBA will continue to have a ‘Novice’ event for ‘B’ and ‘C’ Divisions. This event allows schools that have not participated in a particular category in the past 3 years to participate only. SDBA will continue to provide 4 free training sessions with a coach for 1 boat for each of these new schools, on a first-come-first serve basis.SDBA will also be making the following improvements for a more fulfilling and rewarding event. These will be:1. Inclusion of a 250m race distance to raise the scope and level of competition and allow for more participation.

2. Implement a Tie-breaking mechanism and retain the points system for overall championship to prevent ambiguity in ranking.

3. Trophies for first 4 teams in each division for the National Championship, in line with the Singapore Schools Sports’ Council, as well as trophies for top 3 schools in the Novice Category.

Events for the 11th National Inter-Schools’ Dragon Boat Championship 2011:

Category Distance Craft Division 'A' Division 'B' Division 'C'
Boys Girls Boys Girls Boys Girls
National Championship 500m 10-Crew
250m 10-Crew
Novice 500m 10-Crew
250m 10-Crew

SDBA looks forward to your strong participation now and into the future.

Thank you very much.