Race Results Released

The race results for the 30th Singapore River Regatta 2012 for both 3rd and 4th November has been uploaded, and can be viewed at this news post.

Race Schedule and Progression

The race schedule for both dates and the race progression is now available for download here.

Race Program and Team Managers' Briefing

The relevant documents have been attached to the right. Could all teams and team managers refer to it as required. Thank you.

Team Listings

Attached are the DB22 Individual Listings and DB12 Individual Listings for the 30th Singapore River Regatta.

Could all teams kindly check through your participation in your respective events and confirm that the listings are correct.

All entries will be presumed correct if we do not receive any corrections from your organization by Wednesday, 24th October 2012.


The event safety plan is now available. (Refer to attached PDF: Event Safety Plan). Please view it as required.


The organizing committee has decided to maintained the race distance at 200m (Refer to attached PDF: Revised Race Course). The start shall be off the Raffles Landing Point river taxi berth, while the finish shall be off the Big Bird statue located at the UOB plaza river front. To capitalize on the deepest part of the river, the race course will now be nearer to the far-shore in contrast to last year's SRR whereby the race course was nearer to the Boat Quay shore. To facilitate river traffic, the starting procedure shall be drummer-hold-buoy start. The Starter will be located on shore perpendicular to the start line.

With PUB's input, we were able to ascertain the depth of the entire Singapore River. In the image, the areas with the green datums are the shallow water (plus minum 1.8m to 2.2m deep) areas. The blue datums are the deeper water (2.5m to 3m deep) areas. Note that the datums are for low-water marks (similar to low tide levels) for the purpose of safe navigation on the river. So inadvertantly, last year's race course was right in the middle of the shallowest part of the river, hence the predictable finish pattern. By exploiting the deepest part of the river in SRR 2012, we hope for fairer racing opportunities.


To keep to the deepest part of the river, the racing course had to be compressed to only 8m wide per racing lane. In addition, there is only 30m (about 2.5 standard DB22 boat length) space between Lane 1 to the opposite river-wall. Teams are advised to expect overlapping back-wash (which can cause sideswipe collisions) and limited stopping distance.

It is highly recommended that Teams used experienced Steerspersons. Stay in the middle of your racing lane at all times. The steersperson must know how to correct the boat's steering in the event of overlapping back-wash. For safety reasons, teams must hold water hard after they cross the finish line. To compensate for the forward momentum of the dragon boat, Steerspersons are advised to gently steer to port (go left) after crossing the finish line. The steersperson must always keep a close lookout for the other teams' whereabouts before initiating steering deviations (turns, etc).

The Organizing Committee assures you that all available safety precautions will be installed. However, we your understanding and cooperation is nevertheless intgral to maintaining the safety of the SRR.

Original Message:

We are pleased to inform you that the Singapore Dragon Boat Association in partnership with the People’s Association and the Civil Service Club will be organizing the 30th Singapore River Regatta 2012 at the Singapore River on 3rd and 4th November 2012. And on behalf of the Organizing Committee, we cordially invite you to participate in the 30th Singapore River Regatta 2012.

Enclosed are the following:

1) Entry Rules
2) Registration Form
3) Team & Crew List
4) Waiver of Liability
5) Protest Form


1. How to Register:

1.1. The registration will be Manual (Hardcopy) – see Item 3 below.

1.2. Please read and understand document F1: Entry Rules. This document spells out the race details, eligibility of teams and the registration process.

1.3. In Document F2: Registration, pick the races that you intend to participate.

1.4. Get your full team’s (all participating team members) name, ID nos., Gender & Age information as well as a colour or a black & white ID-type photo ready.

1.5. We have combined and simplified the Team and Crew Lists into one (1) document - Document F3: Team & Crew List. Fill-in your full team (all participating team members, regardless of crew division later) into F3 and submit.

1.6. Submission of Documents F2 & F3 will constitute your official team registration.


2. Manual (Hardcopy) Registration:

2.1. Based on the dragon boat community’s feedback on negative experiences with the on-line registration system, the SDBF 2012 Organizing Committee has decided to revert to the previous years’ Manual (Hardcopy) Registration format.

2.2. This is a temporary measure as we work with our on-line registration vendor to customize the system to better suit our needs.

2.3. Hence, you are required to submit:

1) Documents F2 and F3 during the registration period. These forms may be submitted in hardcopy (burned into CD Rom) or by email (maximum file size 1 MB)

2) Document F4 in hardcopy, on Race Day.

3) A copy of Document F3 in hardcopy, on Race Day. Hence, on Race Day, there should be 2 sets of Document F3 - one will be in the Race Official’s possession (known as the    Master List) and the other to be submitted by the team managers.

2.4. In-depth instructions on the submission of Documents F3 & F4 will be provided at the Team Manager’s briefing.


3Registration Deadline:

3.1 Entry Forms must be duly completed and submitted with the entry fees and made payable to “Singapore Dragon Boat Association”, and to be delivered by Post or by hand to the following address not later than Tuesday, 9th October 2012 at 2359 hours (Late entries will not be accepted):

SDBA Admin Office

Lion Building “B”

#02-02 Suite “G”

No 12 Arumugam Road

Singapore 409958

3.2 Entry fees are not refundable.

3.3 All teams must adhere strictly to the submission dateline on Tuesday, 9th October 2012 at 2359hrs.

We look forward to your support and your participation in the 30th Singapore River Regatta 2012 to make the event a success.

Thank you.