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Update, 9th Nov:

All results for SRR 2015 have been uploaded.

Update, 30th Oct:

The layout plan for SRR 2015 has been uploaded.

Update 2, 27th Oct:

The race programme, format, race schedule, and the latest team managers' briefing PDF have been uploaded.

Update 27th Oct:


We refer to the 33rd Singapore River Regatta (SRR) 2015 Team Manager's Meeting, where the issue of the rejection of Identification (ID) tags due to non-compliance of photo IDs to the required quality and standards that were highlighted. A directive was then issued to affected teams with such ID tags to have them reproduced at cost (of $5 each). 

Bad quality ID tags would compromise the ability of Boat Marshalls to authenticate the identification of Racers. During the Singapore Dragon Boat Festival (SDBF) 2015, some teams were caught deliberately trying to sneak in new crew members by using another person's valid ID tag.

 A vendor has been contracted to produce the ID tags, hence all submissions go directly to the vendor for printing. The vendor’s system is only able to pick-up the wrong or invalid image sizes but not the identification quality (i.e. covered eyes, side profile, too much clutter in the background, etc.). These can only be done manually, after printing. 

While Form F3: Team/Crew List indicated the requirement that "Photos must be in jpeg, NRIC format, minimum 100kn to 300kb in size, color or black & white", it appears that there have been different interpretations of the requirements for the "NRIC format" by some of the participants. 

In our haste to ensure that the ID tags are corrected for SRR 2015 by the affected teams at their cost, we realise that this has become an unforeseen added financial burden to some. 

We concur that the requirement may not have been very clear in describing the quality and standard of photo IDs that we require. Hence we will adopt the following measures for the good future of the sport and the name of the Singapore Dragon Boat Association (SDBA). 

The measures are: 

i)      The directive for Teams to reproduce their ID tags at costs will be rescinded

ii)     All current ID tags will be accepted for use in SRR 2015

iii)    The teams that have yet to replace their ID tags will no longer be required to do so

iv)   The twenty (20) teams that have submitted new photo IDs and paid for their ID tags to be replaced, will be refunded the monies. We sincerely apologise to these teams for the inconvenience and troubles caused 

For future races, we will include a clearly defined rule on the quality of the photo ID required in the Entry Rules for all major events which require ID tags. This will be defined as follows: 

Quality of Team Member’s Photograph

-     NRIC and/or Passport quality & format

-     Minimum digital size = 150KB

-     Backdrop (behind subject) must be clear and of monotonous color

-     The subject’s eyes, nose, mouth features must be clearly seen

-     The subject must not wear caps and/or sunglasses (shades)

-     The Organisers reserve the right to reject any photo ID that is deemed inappropriate and/or unacceptable

-     A Replacement Fee of SG$10 will be charged for every photo ID rejected/not accepted

 We hope that our remedial measures and the new photo ID requirement for subsequent races are acceptable to all our Affiliates. We require the support of all our Affiliates in order to move forward together to make the future and sport of dragon boating great. We look forward to your continued support and commitment to the sport.

Update 7th Oct:

The Team Managers' Briefing PDF is now available for download.

Update 6th Oct:

Please be advised that the DB22 Individual Listings and DB12 Individual Listings are now available, and are attached on the right.

We would appreciate it if you could check through your teams' participation in the respective events and confirmed that it is correct.

If we do not receive any reply from your organization by Friday, 9th October 2015 at 12.00 pm, we would presume that all your entries are correct.

To All Affiliates & Dragon Boat Teams:

We are pleased to inform you that the Singapore Dragon Boat Association in partnership with the People’s Association and the Civil Service Club will be organizing the 33rd Singapore River Regatta 2015 at the Singapore River on 31st October 2015 and 1st November 2015. 1.1 On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we cordially invite you to participate in the 33rd Singapore River Regatta 2015.

2. How to Register:

2.1 Registration will be via email to Alternatively, registration may also be made by hand, to the following address:-

c/o Sport Singapore
3 Stadium Drive, #03-13
Singapore 397630

Time: 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM (weekdays only)
Tel: 64409763

Teams are advised to call first before coming.

2.2 Note that the registration is only confirmed upon payment of the registration.

2.3 As part of the registration process, please refer to the following documents (which forms the registration package):-

  1. Document F1: Entry Rules
  2. Form F2: Entry Form
  3. Form F3: Team & Crew List
  4. Form F4: Waiver of Liability

2.4 Team Managers are required to email or submit softcopy (in CD or thumb-drive), Form F2 and F3 to SDBA by the closing date. If via email, please maintain the file size do not exceed 1,000kb.

2.5 Form F4 will be required to be submitted latest by Race Day, before the start of The Team’s first race. Failure to submit may render The Team ineligible to compete at all in the 33rd Singapore River Regatta 2015.

2.6 Payment is by cheque only, made out to: “SINGAPORE DRAGON BOAT ASSOCIATION”

2.7 Note that the Singapore Dragon Boat Association will not be able to issue any e-invoice.

3. Registration Deadline:

3.1 All teams must adhere strictly to the submission dateline on Sunday, 27th September 2015 at 2359 hours.

3.2 There is slot cap of each category. The registration will be on first-come-first- register basis upon the completion of registration payment.

3.3 We look forward to your support and your participation in the 33rd Singapore River Regatta 2015 to make the event a success.