Update: 8th November

Please see the attached documents on the right for the results of the 34th Singapore River Regatta.

Original Post:

To All Affiliates,

Registration for the 34th Singapore River Regatta 2016, 5th & 6th November, is now open.

Closing date will be on Sunday, 2nd October 2016, 2359 hrs.

Please refer to the attached entry rules for available racing categories and your eligibility options.

NOTE: We are using this opportunity to issue ATHLETE CARD to participating SDBA Affiliates Only.

Please look out for the Athlete Card registration in another mail.

If your team is not under SDBA Affiliate, please write in to race@sdba.org.sg to request for the normal ID tag form.

Attached please find the updated documents of SRR registration package which includes;

  1. SRR 2016 Entry Rules (PDF) – Sept 20
  2. Annex B Singapore River Regatta 2016 People’s Association (PA) Categories and Rules
  3. Annex C Public Service Dragon Boat Race Rules
  4. Annex D Public Service STAR Games General Rules
  5. Annex E Category Registration Form F2 – Sept 20
  6. Annex F Waiver of Liability Form F4
  7. Annex G Crew List Form F3 – Sept 20


Race Committee