PAssion WaVe @ Marina Bay, PA Water-Venture (WV)’s latest flagship community lifestyle and water sports hub will be launched on Sunday, 11 October 2015.  As part of the celebrations, PA PaddleFest 2015 is one of the many activities to be held.

PA PaddleFest 2015

WV’s annual marquee community water sports festival.  The categories for dragon boating and kayaking are community-centric in nature, and provide opportunities for non-seasoned or new paddlers to take part and just have fun. Registration for the races is now open and all entries shall be directed to Singapore Dragon Boat Association. All registration fees collected from PA PaddleFest will go towards Singapore Canoe Federation’s Paracanoe Development Programme.

Venue: Passion WaVe @ Marina Bay

Guest of Honour: DPM Teo Chee Hean