Update 27th June 2012

Participating Teams,

Please see the final updated versions of the Race Schedule and Program.

Deletion of Plate & Minor Finals

Note that due to having to keep to a tight race time-table, we have decided to delete all the Plate and Minor Finals.
We were hopeful that this will allow us with better time and resource management.

Public Tents

There will be two(2) large public tents located within the tree area behind the park Toilet. All teams are welcome to use them. Even though the use of space is on a first-come first-get basis, we would like to behest teams to please share the space amicably with each other.


There will be three(3) vendors promoting their own dragon boat and water-sports related performance enhancers, equipment and paraphanelia. Do check them out.

  • Gear Fitters
  • Kanoe Sports
  • Optimum Nutrition

Nteam Fund Raising Drive

Nteam will be selling drinks as part of their fund raising effort.
All monies collected will go into the Asian Dragon Boat Championship fund. We would like to seek the dragon boat community's support to aide our Nteam's efforts.

Message from PUB

  1. Please do your part to keep the reservoirs clean and litter-free. This is so that we can all continue to have fun by and in the waters.
  2. SDBA shall ensure that all participants put on personal floating device at all times when carrying out dragon boating and other water activities in the reservoir.
  3. Dragon boating and water activities in the reservoir are carried out at the participants’ own risk.
  4. SDBA shall ensure that all participants are briefed on safety measures and procedures before commencement of the dragon boating and other water activities in the reservoir.
  5. SDBA shall ensure that all safety measures are provided in the conduct of the dragon boating and other water activities.
  6. Participants shall not, except in the case of falling, immerse themselves in the reservoir. Swimming, frolicking and washing of shoes or feet in the reservoir is strictly prohibited.
  7. SDBA shall ensure that all dragon boating and all other water activities are suspended during bad weather. All participants shall be called back to shore and no one shall remain in the reservoir.
  8. No food and drinks shall be allowed in the reservoir. The participants shall observe strictly the cleanliness of the reservoir and its surrounding area.
  9. No litter shall be deposited anywhere except in the litter bins.
  10. SDBA shall ensure that all participants only enter and leave the reservoir at the designated launching sites provided.
  11. All dragon boating and water activities shall be confined to the designated areas.
  12. PUB reserves the right to stop activities in the reservoir when necessary.
  13. SDBA shall suspend all activities when the warning siren is activated.

See you at the Race and Good Luck !

Update 20th June 2012

2012 SDBF Team Managers Briefing:

Date: 20th June 2012
Venue: Kallang CC
Start: 7:20PM
End: 8:30PM

Team Managers,

Thank you for your attendance.
Please find the following documents for your planning use:-
Race Programs for 30th June & 1st July (including the Wet Weather Plan)
Team Manager's Briefing material

1. Rules & Safety

  • Please remember to read the Rules and Safety documents in this website.

2. Documents to Submit on Race Day
Form F4: Waiver of Liability
Form F3: Crew List

  • print the same Form F3 (now known as the Crew list) that you've submitted earlier as Team List during the registration
  • Identify / highlight the athlete that will make-up the racing crew for the respective racing category
  • Submit to Race Secretariat 1hr before your race OR when instructed to do so (over the PA system)
  • You will need to print and prepare seperate Crew List for seperate crews in seperate racing categories

3. Critical Rules

  • All women crew in the Female racing class (paddler + drummer + steer + reserves)
  • No concession to wait for teams to get ready in the advent of Back-to-Back races
  • Teams with 2 crews in the same racing category MUST USE different set of people
  • Repechages for IBHC Open and the NC Open/Mix/Women only
  • Amendments to Team/Crew List can only be done on race day for $20 per pax
  • The 1,000m distance PM Cup will be a hold buoy start and may revert to the shorter 800m race distance in the advent of inclement weather.

4. Reporting Procedures

  • Submit Crew List to Race Secretariat
  • Entire racing crew must put on ID Tag when reporting at Boat Marshall Station
  • Team Manager (wearing ID Tag) may enter Boat Marshall Station to assist the Boat Marshalls to identify the racing crew

5. Any Other Business

  1. ID Tags
    1. - If the ID tags contain errors/mistakes, please bring them to Race Secretariat on Race Day and we will replace them at no cost
    2. - Team that has not collected their ID Tags, please do so on Race Day at Race Secretariat immediately upon arrival.
    3. - Alternatively, Teams may contact Mr Lim Wee Kok at 6440 9763 to arrange for collection during office hours untill race day
  2. Quality of Dragon Boats
    1. - The event will use the earlier generation Seagull-class DB12 and DB22 dragon boats.
    2. - They made up the bulk of SDBA racing standard dragon boats.
    3. - Due to lack of facilities and proper equipment, the dragon boats used were unable to be weight and adjusted vis-a-vis.
    4. - Quality of dragon boat is maintained by storage on land (out of water to prevent water-logging) and periodical maintenance (to repair damages/defects)
  3. Paddle Position at the Start
    1. - In accordance to IDBF rules, the paddles CAN be IN or OUT of the water.
    2. - The key is no movement at the beginning of the start procedure
  4. Steering Oar at the Start
    1. - To be kept in the water.
    2. - Starter may instruct the steersperson to lift the steering oar onto the start pontoon if the situation warrants it
  5. Race Schedule
    1. The detailed race schedule (lane draws) will be released by this weekend.
    2. Please look out for it.
  6. Minor Final
    1. For racing categories with Minor Final, please note that only the winner will be presented with a commemorative plate.
    2. For any other queries on technical matters, please write to SDBA at admin@sdba.org.sg
    3. All mails must arrive before Wed 27th June 2012.
    4. Last chance to clarify any technical matter will be on Race Day at the Race Secretariat

2012 SDBF Organizing Committee

Update 12th July 2012

To All Participating Teams:

Attached are the Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2012 – 22-crew dragon boat listing & the 12-crew dragon boat listing.
We would appreciate it if you could check thru your teams' participation in the respective events and confirmed that it is correct.
If we do not receive any reply from your organization by Thursday, 14th June 2012, we would presume that all your entries are correct.

Thank you.

To All SDBA Affiliates & Dragon Boat Communities:

You are kindly requested to attend the Team Managers briefing on:

Date: 20th June 2012, Wednesday
Time: 7.00 pm
Kallang Community Club
45 Boon Keng Road
Singapore 339771
Tel: 62984582/62989038
Nearest MRT Station: Boon Keng MRT - NE 9

A draw for the allocation of racing lanes and dragon boats will also be conducted.
Your attendance would be most appreciated.
However if you are unable to attend the briefing, we would appreciate it if you could send a representative.

Thank you.

Update 10th July 2012

Dear Team Managers,

Please retrieve excel of our latest records (Participant Summary - 9 June)
Please feedback by Tuesday 12th June 2012 if there are any discrepancies or errors.
If we don't hear from you, we will assume that all is well and will expect your participation to be as such.

Submission of Form F2:
The following teams are required to submit / resubmit their Form F2.
Form F2 can be obtained from the SDBA website, SDBF 2012 Events page.
DSO National Laboratories

Submission of Form F3:
If you have not done so, please submit your Form F3 latest by this Wednesday 12th June, 1200hrs.
If we do not receive your Form F3 by the deadline, you will be disqualified from participating.

Amendments to Team/Crew List:
Amendments can now only be made on Race Day at $20 per pax.
Please go to Race Scretariat to make the amendments.
Refer to the Entry Rules regarding this process

Team Tents:
We confirm that team-tents will be provided for the following teams (who had indicated their intention to purchase them):-
Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific
Hewlett Packard
Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Inter Corporate DB12 Women
There are only 2 participating teams, so the organizers intend to cancel this racing category.
We are extending the deadline for this racing category to next Saturday 16th June 2012.
The decision to run or cancel this category will be defered to next Saturday.
The affected teams (ExxonMobil and OCBC) - please stay tuned.

No of Pax
The following teams are required to re-confirm the no of pax for ID Tags.

  • ExxonMobil Tiger Lillies
  • ITE
  • Mountbatten CSC
  • Nanyang Polytechnic
  • NTU
  • NUS
  • SP
  • Temasek Polytechnic

Calculation Error

  • NTTS Dragon Team
    • You have made an error in the claculation of fees.
    • Please contact the organizers direct and we will quide you through the process.
  • Republic Polytechnic
    • Please add the costs for the Tertiary events and re-submit the Form F2.

Please be informed that the POLITE-Council has decided to include the POLITE racing categories (DB22 Open & Mix ; DB12 Women) into the SDBF 2012. All the POLITE races will now be run on Sunday 1st July 2012. Please contact the POLITE COuncil to confirm your participation.

Race Director,
SDBF 2012

Update 5th June 2012

Th% closing date for the SDBF 2012 registration was last Sunday 3rd June 2012.
To date we have received entries from 49 different teams, totalling 1,672 athletes/officials.
We are still expecting some more entries to come in.
As a direct result of massive internet traffic on Sunday night (due to teams trying to beat the midnight deadline), our server crashed!
Hence we appreciate if would help verify your participation by confirming your details listed in the attached document - SDBF 2012 Participant Summary.

If there are any errors or your team is not captured in the list, please let us know by Friday 8th June 2012.
%pAIf we hear no response from you, we will assume that all is well and therefore will be expecting your participation as such.
If you need to make any amendments to your Team List, please do so by Friday 8th June 2012, 2359hrs.
Just email us the amended Team List, and let us know in brief what was amended/change or add.
After the deadline, we would be unable to fabricate the ID tags so any amendments would then have to be made on Race Day itself at cost.

To clarify further, note that the Entry Rules will supercede all other SDBA/IDBF Rules as indicated.
So please note that:-
a. National Championship Women - all-Female crew (including drummer & steersperson)
b. National Championship Senior Open - all-above 40 years old (as of 1st Jan 2012) crew except for Steersperson only
Refer to the Entry Rules.

For further clarifications, please contact us at admin@sdba.org.sg
Indicate subject/email title as: SDBF 2012 clarifications
Attention to SDBF 2012 Race Director.
Note that deadline for such correspondences would be 17th June 2012.

Race Director,
SDBF 2012

1. Invitation:

1.1 We are pleased to inform you that the Singapore Dragon Boat Association (SDBA) in partnership with the People’s Association (PA) and the Temasek Polytechnic (TP) will be organizing the Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2012 (SDBF 2012) at the Bedok Reservoir on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July 2012.

1.2 On behalf of the SDBF 2012 Organizing Committee, we cordially invite you to participate in the Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2012. Enclosed are the following:

1) Document F1: Entry Rules
2) Document F2: Registration
3) Document F3: Team & Crew List
4) Document F4: Waiver of Liability Declaration
5) Document F5: Event Safety Plan

2. How to Register:

2.1. The registration will be via Manual (Hardcopy) – see Item 3 below.

2.2. Please read and understand the document F1: Entry Rules. This document spells out the race details, eligibility of teams and the registration process.

2.3. In Document F2: Registration, pick the races that you intend to participate.

2.4. Get your full team’s (all team members’) name, ID nos., Gender & Age information as well as a colour or a black & white ID-type photo ready.

2.5. We have combined and simplified the Team and Crew Lists into one (1) document - Document F3: Team & Crew List. Fill-in your full team (all team members, regardless of crew division later) into F3 and submit.

2.6. Submission of Documents F2 & F3 will constitute your official team registration.

3. Manual (Hardcopy) Registration:

3.1. Based on the dragon boat community’s feedback on negative experiences with the on-line registration system, the SDBF 2012 Organizing Committee has decided to revert to the previous years’ Manual (Hardcopy) Registration format.

3.2. This is a temporary measure as we work with our on-line registration vendor to customize the system to better suit our needs.

3.3. Hence, you are required to submit:

1) Documents F2 and F3 during the registration period. These forms may be
submitted in hardcopy (burned into CD Rom) or by email (maximum file size

2) Document F4 in hardcopy, on Race Day.

3) A copy of Document F3 in hardcopy, on Race Day. So on Race Day, there
should be 2 sets of Document F3 – one in the Race Official’s possession (known as the Master List) and the other to be submitted by Team Managers.

3.4. In-depth instructions on the submission of Documents F3 &ampe3B F4 will be provided in the Team Manager’s briefing.

4. Registration Deadline:

4.1 All teams must adhere strictly to the submission dateline on Sunday, 3rd June 2012 at 2359hrs.

4.2 We look forward to your support and your participation in the Singapore Dragon Boat Festival 2012 to make the event a success.