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The race schedule and race program have been uploaded.

Update 10th Feb

The crew list has been updated, please download the latest one to check for correctness.

Singapore World Water Day 2015
100m Dragon Boat Sprint Races

Guest-of-Honour: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

The World Water Day is an annual celebration which promotes awareness on the importance of water and energy. In Singapore, it is being celebrated through different water (and land) activities. This year, as part of SG50, the Singapore Dragon Boat Association (SDBA) organising committee is joining the Singapore World Water Day celebrations by bringing a very exciting 100m sprints dragon boat race.

Apart from Dragon Boat, other water activities include: Kayak tryouts and Sailing. There will also be other fun land activities on the day of the event such as Mass Walking, Mass Cycling, Mass Zumba, and many more.

World Water Day 2015 - 100m Dragon Boat Sprint Races


Open Class (No restriction on gender)
Women Class (All women crew)
Mixed Class (A minimum of 4 female paddlers)
Junior Class (Age 19 and below as of 01/01/2015)
Senior Class (Age 40 and above as of 01/01/2015)


Crew & Team Composition:

A crew shall consist of ten (10) paddlers, two (2) reserves, a drummer and a steersman;
Maximum of 14 persons in a Crew; this race will use the Small Boats (DB12).
The dragon boat segment is scheduled to commence at 10.30am.

Spread awareness by joining the Singapore World Water Day 2015 – 100m Dragon Boat Sprint Races. For more information, do check out the SDBA webpage at www.sdba.org.sg

To register your team, please email: admin@sdba.org.sg or call 64409763.


Registration period is from 11th February (Wednesday) to 25th February (Wednesday)
and is absolutely FREE!


For more information on Singapore World Water Day, visit: www.singaporeworldwaterday.com


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