Under the High Performance (HPE) Set-Up, we have the Singapore National Dragon Boat Team (N-team) 

It is the title given by the SportSG to National Teams as well as National Athletes for there is nothing higher than competing internationally against other nations.

The Singapore National Dragon Boat Team (N-team) , an elite group of athletes dedicated to train and excel on the international platform. In their paddling lies the hope and aspiration of our nation in the major games such as the Asian and SEA Games. The team has also strive to do well in other big platform such as the Asian Dragon Boat Championships and World Dragon Boat Championships.

Here’s the upcoming race projection the N-team will be preparing towards:

Singapore National Youth Dragon Boat Team (Y-team) 

The Singapore Youth Dragon Boat Team (Y-team) will comprise of young athletes from various age group such as Under 18 and Under 24. Y-team is the main bridge into N-team where young athletes will be groomed towards becoming Singapore’s best. Y-team recruitment will start in November 2019. Stay Tuned!


Head over to the Representation page now and find out who represented Singapore Dragon Boat in the recent races.


Feel free to contact us at yiliang@sdba.org.sg if you have any enquiries regarding the High Performance set-up.