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Any Affiliates and Associations registered under the laws governing the registration of such bodies in the Republic of Singapore may apply for Affiliation Membership with the Singapore Dragon Boat Association (SDBA).

  • Membership Scheme
  • Athlete Card Scheme

Membership Scheme

Types of Membership

There are three (3) categories of Members, namely:
a. Ordinary Members
b. Associate Members
c. Individual Members

a) Ordinary Members:
Ordinary membership shall be open to:
(i) Educational institutions in the Republic of Singapore.
(ii) Not for profit organizations, corporations or associations registered with the Registry of Societies in the Republic of Singapore or any clubs, companies, partnerships or associations registered under any written laws for the time being in force in Singapore and practice the Sport of Dragon Boat.

b) Associate Members:
Any organizations and corporations or associations not within the ambit of a) and are legally constituted.

c) Individual Members:
Any person who is interested in dragon boat events, may apply for Individual membership with the Association.

Method of Application

Application for membership should be made on this prescribed form.

All applications for membership shall be decided and approved by the SDBA’s Management Committee (MC). The MC may reject any application without assigning any reason whatsoever.

Approved Membership

Every successful application shall pay the necessary fees, in default of which the application may be cancelled.

Entrance Fees and Annual Subscriptions

There will be one-time entrance fee of $250 (inclusive of GST) and annual subscription fee of $180 (inclusive of GST). Application can be submitted any time of the year and there shall be no pro-ration of the first annual subscription fee.

Subsequent annual subscription fee for 1 April to 31 March will be billed to the address stated on the application form.

Entrance fee and subscription fee may be changed subject to the approval of the MC.

Rights and Privileges of Members

Only Ordinary members shall have the right to vote at the AGM.

Ordinary members are accorded discounted registration fees for races while Ordinary, Associate and Individual members are accorded discounted rates for dragon boat rentals at our Kallang Water Sports Centre.

Suspension and Removal

The MC shall have powers to suspend or remove from membership any affiliate, associate or individual member whose subscription is 3 months in arrears. Any member so suspended or removed from membership shall be disqualified from competing at any meetings held under the laws of the Association.

Athlete Card Scheme


The following notice and instructions of online athlete card phase 3 system are prepared for Team Manager (TM) of SDBA’s affiliates and non affiliates.

For Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) compliance and requirement, NRIC or Passport information will no longer be used or collected. Hence, SDBA will remove the NRIC and Passport information from the existing Athlete Cards (Card) system. The NRIC or the Passport number was used to generate the QR code for scanning purpose. In order to meet the PDPA requirement, the QR code algorithm of all existing SDBA athlete cards including SDBA non affiliate index 9 event cards, will be reissued free of charge under this exercise. The reissued Card will be carrying the same card number of the existing Card.

After the Phase 3 implementation of SDBA Athlete Card system, all SDBA dragon boat race events will be using the online system. The manual boat marshalling practice will be obsolete; therefore, Team Name appearing on the Card is no longer required.

Due to the requirements of PDPA and the impact of removal of Team name on Card, the TMs of Primary team (Affiliate Team 1) need to make an effort to request reissuance of Cards belong to the team. SDBA will only distribute Cards to the TM of Primary team based on the athlete card database.

For query or usage of the online athlete card system, please seek further clarification with SDBA or your TMs.

Team Manager Profile Creation
  • A TM profile is required before the TM accessing the online athlete card system. All TM profiles created previously are active. Those TMs can login and access the system accordingly.
  • When TM of SDBA’s affiliate creates a TM profile and selects ‘Affiliate’, the system will display the SDBA’s affiliate list for selection. The selected affiliate name will be registered as team name in the TM’s profile.
  • For TM of Non affiliate, selects ‘Non affiliate’ and inputs the team name which will be registered as team name in the non affiliate TM’s profile.
  • TM must provide a hand phone number to receive SMS notification of the status of TM profile creation and athlete card application and race progression on race days.
  • SDBA System Administrator (SA) will approve the TM profile within 3 to 5 business days.
  • System will send SMS notification to TM once the TM profile has been approved.
  • Each team can apply only maximum one (1) TM profile.
  • In the case of changing TM of the team, the new TM must inform SDBA to update the TM contact list.
  • Once the TM profile is approved, TM can access the athlete card system to manage athlete cards of the team.
Apply for new athlete card process
  • TM must select Card Type for Affiliate, Non Affiliate, Overseas, Public Service or People’s Association.
  • If a Public Service team or a PA team is already registered as SDBA affiliate, just select affiliate.
  • The system will automatically assign the TM’s team name as the primary team name of the card holder. The primary team name is used for athlete card distribution purpose.
  • TM must input the required personal information detail and upload the approved photo image format of the card holder. The recommend photo pixel size is minimum of 307 x 395 pixels.
  • The system will assign a card number to the new athlete card. If the new athlete card is for SDBA’s non affiliate, the card number will be started with index 9.
  • The first issuance of new SDBA athlete card is free of charge.
  • The TM of SDBA affiliate must inform SDBA to delete an existing index 9 event card (if applicable) before applying a normal affiliate card of the team member.
  • SDBA considers duplication of applying athlete card as ‘cheating’. Once it is detected, the athlete’s existing Card will be deleted and the athlete cannot apply Card anymore. TM must ensure and check carefully before applying new Card for the team member.
  • The new card application is subject to SDBA’s approval. SDBA will provide non approval reason via SMS to TM if the Card application is rejected. TM can correct the error and resubmit the Card application again.
  • TM must submit the new Card application before the closing date. Once the system is closed, TM will have no access to the athlete card system.
Amend athlete card process
  • In addition to Primary team, SDBA has introduced five more secondary team slots (Affiliate Team 2) for each athlete card holder to join other
    teams. The system has converted the combination of teams in the field of Affiliate team 2 into secondary slots accordingly. However, some combination of teams cannot be converted. Thus, TM needs to add team name back if necessary. Once the add team function is selected, the team name will be added based on the team name registered in the TM profile. The TM cannot amend other team names maintained in the athlete card’s database record.
  • Adding secondary team name to the Card is important because when TM submits the online Crew List, the system matches the card holder’s team name against the team name registered in the TM’s profile. If the team names do not match, the TM cannot include the Card in the Crew List.
  • TM can amend the necessary information of the Card holder as required.
  • The system only provides an Active or Inactive button to Primary team. The
    TM of secondary team cannot add his/her team name becoming Primary team unless the indicator is set to Inactive by the original Primary TM or SDBA.
  • During the athlete card opening period, TM can list all athlete cards (including index 9 event card) registered under the TM’s team name regardless primary team or secondary team. For example, if a Card holder joined 6 teams, the Card holder’s card number will be appeared in 6 different TM’s lists.
  • No reissuance of athlete card except amendment of Name, Gender, Date of Birth, new photo image or Role to Print (typically from paddler to Steers or Coach).
  • Reissuance of a new Card is $10 and the Card will be distributed to the Primary TM even though the amendment is made by secondary TM.
  • Newly uploaded photo image and change of Role to Print are subject to SDBA’s approval.
  • TM must amend the necessary athlete card before the closing date. Once the system closed, TM will have no access to the athlete card system.
Reissuance of athlete card process
  • Only the TM of the primary team can request reissuance of a Card.
  • TM needs to input the athlete card number and reason for reissuance. Typically, it would be either lost card or faded photo image.
  • The reissuance of a new Card is $10 and is waive on case by case basis.
Online F2 Team Registration Process
  • For preparation of online F2 Team Registration, TM can login and get a list of athletes who are registered with the TM’s team name.
  • TM can select the available categories and input number of athletes for the event.
  • The system will calculate the total registration fee based on number of athletes indicated in the F2 Team Registration form.
  • The TM must submit the online F2 Team Registration before the closing date. Once the system closed, TM will have no access to the online F2 Team Registration system.
  • Any change after closing date, TM must inform SDBA and is subject to SDBA’s approval.
  • Once the team’s participation is confirmed, payment instruction of registration fee will be sent to TM via email by SDBA.
Online F3 Crew List submission Process
  • The Crew List submission system only accepts an athlete card number which contains the same team name as the TM.
  • Non affiliate TM can include an affiliate Card in the crew list. However, the registration fee of the affiliate athlete card holder is charged as non affiliate rate.
  • The Crew List submission system prevents athlete from joining two teams in a same race class, i.e. (Premier Open). Once an athlete has been registered in one TM’s crew list, the system will reject the same athlete to be registered under different team in the same race class. Hence, the TM must communicate with the athlete before submitting online crew list.
  • If any dispute of online Crew List submission, the TMs and the athlete involved must sort out the issue by themselves.
  • The system will calculate the registration fee based on the Card Type of the athlete card registered in the Crew List. TM must be aware that each card type carries different registration fee.
  • Any discrepancy of registration fee will be reported to SDBA to make necessary adjustment in the F2 Team Registration form.
  • TM can save the Crew List as a draft working paper as much as it is required. However, the TM must submit the Crew List before the Crew List submission closing date. The system will not consider ‘draft’ status of a Crew List as a confirmation of Crew List submission.
  • The closing date of online F3 Crew List submission will be set to Tuesday 23:59hr in the racing week. Once the system closed, TM will have no access to the online F3 Crew List submission system.