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About Us

Singapore Dragon Boat Association

The Singapore Dragon Boat Association (SDBA) is the National Sports Association (NSA) for the sport of dragon boat in Singapore.

SDBA is a member of:

  • International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF)
  • Asian Dragon Boat Federation (ADBF)
  • South East Asian Traditional Boat Association (SEATBA)
  • Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC)

Mission & Vision

The Singapore Dragon Boat Association (SDBA) is the National Sports Association (NSA) for the sport of dragon boat in Singapore. It is a member of International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF), Asian Dragon Boat Federation (ADBF), South East Asian Traditional Boat Association (SEATBA) and Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC).

  • To develop and maintain a world class National Team at both senior and junior levels.
  • To develop and promote a comprehensive outreach programme.
  • To develop, promote and maintain world class competition events.
  • To become an effective agent for Dragon Boat development.

To develop sporting excellence in the sport of Dragon Boat and to cultivate mass participation in the sport


Dragon Boat Racing was first introduced to Singapore in 1978 when Hong Kong invited Singapore to participate in their annual dragon boat races. In the same year, the Singapore Sports Council (SSC), now known as Sport Singapore (SportSG), organised the first dragon boat competition in Singapore, which saw the participation from 25 local teams.

Due to the team values of dragon boat (i.e. teamwork, bonding, synergy, unity, etc.) the sport became popular with both government and private organizations. The People’s Association (PA) and the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) were critical frontrunners in the early years, by providing critical assistance in leadership, management and organizational know how for developing the sport.

As dragon boat grew steadily in magnitude and complexity, it was inevitable that adequate and proper governance became necessary. As such in 1987, the Singapore Dragon Boat Association (SDBA) was formed. SDBA was quickly put to organising, promoting and co-ordinate all dragon boat activities in Singapore.

SDBA has grown from a modest start with 19 Affiliates in 1987 to 110 Affiliates as of 2023. There are also close to 10,000 card-carrying dragon boaters (members) in 2020, with about 80% actively competing in locally organized races.

SDBA has been also actively increasing the number of competitive events. In 1989, SDBA only organized 2 major competitions – the Singapore International Dragon Boat Invitational Races and the Singapore River Regatta. Now, we have several:

  • Singapore Dragon Boat Festival
  • Singapore Regatta Waterfest@Sports Hub (formerly known as Singapore River Regatta)
  • Singapore National Inter-Schools
  • SDBA Dragon Boat Century
  • SDBA-Austcham Challenge

On the international scene, SDBA is also responsible for the National Dragon Boat Team. Dragon Boat is competed in the Southeast Asian Games (SEAG), first introduced in 1989 as Traditional Boat Racing (rebranded due to cultural sensitivity among some Southeast Asian nations). Singapore also participates in the Asian Games (AG), when dragon boat racing was first introduced there starting at the 16th AG in 2010. Singapore is also a regular participant in both the International and Asian Dragon Boat Championships.

SDBA therefore looks forward to further promoting as well as improving the standards and quality of the sport in Singapore. We hope that you become part of this exciting drive.

Corporate Information

Mr Teo Chee Hean

Senior Minister and Coordinating
Minister for National Security

Honorary Life Presidents
Mr Ch’ng Jit Koon
RADM (Ret) Kwek Siew Jin
Dr Lam Pin Min
Legal Advisor
Management Committee appointed as at 21 Sep 2023
Name Appointment
1 Mr Alex Yeo Sheng Chye President
2 Vacant Deputy President
3 Mr Choi Pui Chau, Gordon Senior Vice-President (Mass Participation)
4 Mr Tok Hock Soon Senior Vice-President (Performance Maximization)
5 Mr Chia Yi Liang Vice-President (High Performance)
6 Ms Huang Xiao Man, Apple Vice-President (Technical & Certification)
7 Mr Alan Tan Hock Seng Vice-President (Safety & Education)
8 Dr Dexter Chan Yak Seng Vice-President (Publicity & Promotion)
9 Mr Clement Leong Yew Loon Vice-President (Sports Talent Development)
10 Vacant Secretary-General
11 Mr Ethan Wong Ee Chan Honorary Treasurer
12 Mr Tony Leong Pak Keong Assistant Secretary-General
13 Ms Amanda Lai Tzyy Ei Assistant Honorary Treasurer
14 Mr Andreas Kasteal Australian Chamber of Commerce
15 Mr Bruno Spence British Chamber of Commerce
16 Mr Dharmalingam Sokalingam People’s Association
17 Ms Althea Pabillore American Dragons (Singapore)
18 Ms Ivyna Tan Nanyang Technological University
19 Ms Jane Cheng Nyuk Yen Co-opted Member
20 Ms Kimberley Madella Chow Co-opted Member
21 Mr Vincent Lim Guan Chwee Co-opted Member
22 Mr Tan Si Hao Co-opted Member
23 Mr Ch’ng Khai Hung Co-opted Member
24 Mr Eric Lo Lok Fung Co-opted Member
Executive Director
Mr Koh Chin Chye Desmond


Download the latest SDBA CONSTITUTION (Updated 28 December 2017)

Annual Report and Financial Statements

SDBA’s latest Annual Report and Financial Statements, which have been approved at the Annual General Meeting for this Financial year, can be accessed via the document links below.