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Year 2021
May 2021

COVID19 Enhanced Safe Measurement Measures

05 May 2021

With the recent rise in COVID-19 cases in the community, Singapore has announced tighter COVID19 control measures with effect from 8 to 30 May (effectively the entire remaining month of May), to curb the spread of infection.

The key control measures that affects dragon boat are:-

  1. Reversion to max. 5 people in the boat, i.e. DB12 only
  2. Outdoor organized programme capped at max. 50 people only
  3. Individuals are to keep to max. 2 social gatherings in a day
  4. All sporting event will be suspended and no spectators will be allowed


  1. DB-Safe Plan

Please refer to the updated DB-Safe Plan_Enhanced SMM, for more specific details regarding dragon boating.

  1. IDBC Senior Dragons Time Trial

The speed trials shall be suspended. The IDBC Organizing Committee will be contacting the affected Teams with regards to the future plan moving forward.

  1. Booking of Training Session in Nursery

ALL the session that were booked for the period from 8 to 30 May shall be made VOID. Teams are then requested to re-apply their training sessions based on:-

  1. Use of DB12 only
  2. Each team can take up to 4 slots but limited to:- 2*slots per session ; up to max. 2*sessions per day
  3. Note that each session can only have total 6*DB12 boats (= 30 persons max. limit per session)
  4. The session time remains at 1.5hr (+30mins changeover time)

You can book your May slots starting from 7pm, Wednesday, 5 May 2021, using this link.

Please click this link to view the status of the confirmation of your booking:-

  1. Green refers to slot confirmed
  2. Red refers to slot not available
  3. Yellow refers to partial confirmation

Click here to view the May 2021 Schedule when it is updated accordingly.

  1. Rental of dragon boats in KWSC

a. Booking System

We will be temporarily suspending the on-line booking portal from Thursday 06/05/2021 onwards. Please bear with us as we need some time to reconfigure the system to accept the new SMM parameters.

We are going to bring down the entire DB12 racing fleet to KWSC in the hope to bridge the DB12 boat gap in the community. We are hopeful that our action will be sufficient to allow as many teams to keep on training and stay in the sport. We will announce via email blast and social media once the booking system is good to go again.

b. Bookings of DB22 in May

All DB22 boat rentals made from 8 to 30 May will be cancelled. We will refund the affected Teams. If you have paid and confirmed bookings for this period, please provide us with the required information in the following table and send to admin@sdba.org.sg so that we can process the refund:-

c. Bookings of DB12 in May (up to Thursday 06/05/2021)

Teams that have booked the DB12 boats up to Thursday 06/05/2021, 6pm,  is already accepted in the system. Note that we will need to check boat availability (because the bookings were made based on the current parameters) and revert to you whether still good to go. If not good to go, we may need to refund or change date/slots

d. Bookings of DB12/DB22 beyond May

At the moment, bookings for June and beyond has been suspended, i.e. you cannot book for June slots already. Those Teams that has already booked for both DB12/DB22 in June is already accepted by the system. So for the moment, this will remain status quo. Note that we will review this situation according to any further government announcement in the later part of May

  1. DOP (Dragonboat Orientation Programs)

If you have booked a DOP with us, we will contact you to discuss possibility of converting from DB22 to DB12 boats.

  1. Small Crew Basic Helm Course

We have to cancel the course as it is not technically feasible to conduct the practical component with just 4 people in the boat. For the class scheduled on Monday 10/05/2021, we will be refunding the course fee already paid. We will have to wait and see whether okay to restart the course in June

  1. Pesta Sukan and Dragon Boat Racing Calendar

Pesta Sukan is scheduled to be in July (Week I: 24 & 25 July ; Week II: 31 July & 1 Aug). Due to the reversion to DB12 in May, Pesta Sukan will most likely be raced in the DB12 boat. The original Pesta Sukan plan envisioned DB22 and DB12 boat races. Note that as Pesta Sukan is a SportSG event, we will have to refer to their decision whether the event will happen or not. All other races beyond July are still on track

The latest government measure is inconvenient but as part of the grand strategy to combat the spread of COVID19, it is necessary. SDBA will try our very best to keep our sport going and practical for all of us to continue playing. We would very much appreciate the DB community’s understanding and support as we negotiate choppy waters.

Stay safe and healthy!