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Year 2022
January 2022

Updated DB Safe Plan Transition Phase 1 Jan 2022

01 Jan 2022

Dear DB Community

We refer to the Sport Singapore (SSG) Advisory on SMMs for the Transition Phase Enhancement which was updated on 17 Dec 2021. The DB Safe Plan for the Transition Phase has been updated in view of this. You can find these documents in the Safety Page of this website. Please note the following updates to the DB Safe Plan Updated Transition Phase (1Jan22) as follows:

Deck 2: MOH advisory

Deck 5: Vaccination status with new requirements for The Recovered

Deck 13 & 29: Clarification of multiple Certified Steers(CS) inside boat (1 CS steering + 1 CS paddling)

Deck 27: Amended control measures for coaching and paddling for different teams

Deck 34: Amended control measures for steering and paddling for different teams

For your information and compliance please. Thank you.