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Year 2020
November 2020

Singapore Regatta Waterfest@Sports Hub 2020

Date: 27 Nov 2020
Venue: Water Sports Centre@SportsHub and Kallang Basin

SRW is the latest incarnation of the very popular Singapore Regatta that was first organized in 1982 as the Singapore River Regatta. Back then the Singapore River runs to the sea and the race was always organized during spring tide season. Now that it has become part of the freshwater Marina Reservoir, its consistent water level has become unsuitable for racing as the depth is too shallow to support safe boat handling during races. The sad decision to stop racing in the Singapore River in the interest of safety had to be made.

Enter Sports Hub (SHPL)! In 2019, SHPL offered to partner SDBA to organize the Singapore Regatta at the Sports Hub Water Sports Centre. This effectively saved the SR as it has now found a new home in Singapore’s modern and sprawling national sports complex that is the Sports Hub. It also gained a new name – the Singapore Regatta Waterfest@Sports Hub (SRW)

For year 2020, the SRW  will be the only dragon boat race, if not the only mass sport event, of the year. 42 teams shall be competing over two weekends – 28th to 29th November and 5th to 6th December.

Due to COVID19 Phase II Reopening control measures, the SRW shall be the first closed-door dragon boat race in Singapore. Spectators may not be able to gain access into the Sports Hub Water Sports Centre but if you happen to be around the vicinity, do give a shout-out to the participants!

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