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Year 2020
December 2020

Race Registration and Results

Venue: As announced for the respective races
  • Please visit the following links to register for races and/or to retrieve your race results
  • Note that the Race Registration portal will only be activated for a specific race, i.e. Singapore Regatta Waterfest, SDBF, etc. SDBA will announce via email to registered Affiliates/Associates Team Principals and on SDBA Facebook when the portal is open.
  • As long as you have your athlete card, you can use the Race Results Retrieval portal to see the races that you have done as well as the results achieved. You may use this to form your very own Dragon Boat Racing Testimonial. Please practice good management of your personal data under the Personal Data Control Act.
Race Registration https://registration.sdba.org.sg/
Race Results Retrieval https://registration.sdba.org.sg/public