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Year 2021
June 2021

DB Safe Plan Phase 3 Enhanced Alert

15 Jun 2021

The government announced that Singapore will be in the COVID19 SMM Phase III Enhanced Alert (EA) from 14 Jun 2021 onwards. Please click on this link for the Revised DB Safe Plan for Phase III Enhance Alert for your attention and compliance.

We would also like to bring your attention to the following updates in the revised DB Safe Plan:

  1. Coach is part of the headcount of 5 pax in the group
  2. The headcount limit of 50 pax or 10 nos of DB12 still remains for each session
  3. Face shield is no longer permitted
  4. Paddlers 18yo and below may only commence training after 21 Jun 2021
  5. Participants from Nursery are not allowed to enter KWSC and vice versa. Each venue group must remain distinct without any intermingling
  6. Warm-ups and cool-downs are no longer permitted at KWSC premises