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Year 2024
June 2024

Dragonboat Orientation Programme (DOP) Interim Measures

04 Jun 2024

There have been feedback from the community that there is a shortage of Recreational Instructors, L1 and L2 Coaches to conduct Dragonboat Orientation Programme (DOP) – one of the reasons being during the past 2-3 years Covid period, no Recreational Instructor or L1 courses were conducted, and moreover from post Covid period, many Recreational Instructors have since re-focused their time on their career.

In addressing this, SDBA has sought suggestions from some experienced L1 & L2 coaches, and will be introducing Interim Measures for DOP, to ensure that the programme can still be carried out without compromising the safety of the DOP participants.

You can find the Interim Measures for DOP in SDBA website, under DB Safe Plans for Qualified Trainer or Coach. Please do not hesitate to reach out to SDBA if you have any queries.

Let’s all work together in achieving a safer water environment for our dragon boat community.