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Year 2020
December 2020

Singapore Dragon Boat Festival

Date: 02 Dec 2020
Venue: Bedok Reservoir

The Singapore Dragon Boat Festival (SDBF) is one of the oldest dragon boat race in Singapore. The other being the Singapore River Regatta that has now evolved into the Singapore Regatta Waterfest@Sports Hub. SDBF has retained its structure and racing format since its inception. The only change has been the racing venue and distance. Formerly a sea event raced at 800m, SDBF is now raced in the calm conditions of Singapore’s pristine reservoirs – the cityscape picturesque Marina Reservoir or the deep heartland Bedok Reservoir. It also adopted the international standard premier racing distance of 500m. Hence the running of the Singapore Nationals in the SDBF.

SDBF is also well known for the 1,000m Prime Ministers Cup (PM Cup). This event is a major and prestigious competition among Singapore’s tertiary education institutions and is competed in both Men and Women racing classes. SDBF also hosts the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) commemorative race. Now accepting cancer survivors and/or fighters of all kinds, it is one of many manifestation of Singapore’s support and encouragement to the brave people fighting the good fight against cancer and other diseases. Through sport (especially dragon boat), we share their burden  and together we aim to prevail.

We are happy to finally announce the return of SDBF for year 2022, as we were unable to run SDBF in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic restrictions. This event will also be our first event to bring back the resounding sounds of the dragon boat drums to the races.

Race Programme:

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