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Year 2020
December 2020

SDBA Century Race

Venue: Jurong Lake

In dragon boat racing, there’s the 2000m Ring Race, 1000m Long Distance race, 500m Premier International Standard Race and 200m Sprint Race.

And there’s The Century Race – essentially a 100m Super-Sprint Race. Speed is King in this race. The Team that starts well and strong, Wins!

The Century Race is a 100m dragon boat race that welcomes the start of the new year. It is a perfect opportunity for new teams that are new to racing, to experience what dragon boat racing is all about.

The Century Race is also a perfect opportunity for more experienced teams to come back into the racing season and test their new members, tactics and strategies.

Let us all look forward to the 2024 Century Race scheduled for 9 and 10th March 2024!


Documents for Century Race 2024
Century Race 2024 Results
  • Day 1 (9 Mar 2024)
  • Day 2 (10 Mar 2024)